About Us

Studio Dream came into existence two decades ago in 1997. To be the first one to bring the SLR Digital Technology in the entire Saurashtra Kutch region, this venture was born to aim at capturing the beauty of human emotions in their truest and most natural form.

In 2006, they expanded by creating professional & product studios separately. They introduced the medium format Hassle Blad camera in the Saurashtra region in 2013, which is known for its huge range of high-quality optics & its iconic design With an amazing professional and super friendly team, Studio Dream believes in building heart to heart connections.

While you have a session with us, we will take our time and enjoy the moment, and explore the surroundings. We click pictures in our inimitable fun and off-beat style.

We push the boundaries of creativity! We are professional photographers who have a profound knowledge of artistic theory, including the delicate concepts of design, lighting, composition, color, and balance. Our team ensures that every frame created is filled with novelty, beauty, yet retains the intricacies of the authenticity of the subjects in it.

So be it a big fat grand wedding, a big ceremony, pre-wedding shoot, product photography, house warming ceremony, site pictures or just a simple birthday bash, “Studio Dream” will make it more special with it’s stunning, full of life, yet simple unique style of captures.

We are ‘In Love with Love’ and strive to make heartfelt, authentic and joyful images and videos.

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